5 Tips for Buying Bunk Beds for Kids

5 Tips for Buying Bunk Beds for Kids

Are you looking for bunk beds for kids? Unsure about the ins and outs of buying them? You have come to the right place.

There is a comprehensive list of bunk beds for kids with comparisons between some of the best bunk beds out there.
1. Who is going to be using the bunk bed?

There are many factors that must be considered when shopping for bunk beds for kids, however, the primary concern should be for who is going to be using the bed.

For example, the top bunk beds for kids vary from the typical twin on twin bed to loft style single beds to a twin on top, full on the bottom model. Knowing the target audience of the child or children needing a bunk bed goes a long way. Is one child older than the other? Then the full bed on the bottom may be the first priority. Is the bed being purchased for a single child but with the option of having another bed available for sleep overs?

The Stork Craft Longhorn Expresso model is one of the highest rated bunk beds for kids and as well as having a classic look, is an inexpensive way to have a second bed available for occasional sleepovers, twins or any two children of similar age sharing a room. If the goal is to get a bunk bed to add space to a room, there are many bunk beds for kids designed to be loft beds, with either empty play space or built in computer space available underneath.

The Walker Edison Sunset Metal Twin Loft/Bunk Bed is a great option for a loft because it can be converted to a true bunk bed, while the Workstation Loft Bed is a solid and stunning loft style bunk bed that even some single grownups may want to consider.

2. Height restrictions?

Typical bunk beds for kids come in a couple different heights and this is an important consideration in some homes and apartments. The height of most bunk beds is 80 inches, or six and two-thirds feet high.

This is the height to the top of the frame but with the bed being almost 7 feet tall, it could be difficult to comfortably have an older child in a top bunk in an apartment or home with 8 foot ceilings. Likewise, choosing a compact bunk bed could present the opposite problem: the child on the bottom will have to be the smaller child and as they grow, the child could easily outgrow the bed.

For those wanting a bunk bed for their child and the occasional guest, the Captains Bed with Trundle and Drawers is a good example of a bunk bed that is low to the ground still but has most of the functionality of a true bunk bed as well.

3. Does the Bunk Bed have Mattress Height Restrictions?

Many bunk beds for kids specify how tall the mattress can be, especially for the top bunk’s mattress.

Thinking that one can simply take their current mattress and upgrade the frame to a bunk bed frame can work, however, checking to make sure the bunk bed frame designs can handle a tall mattress is important.

A nine inch twin mattress is fairly standard but a nicer pillow top mattress will eclipse this number and more and more manufacturers are selling 12 inch deep twin mattresses. These mattresses can create potentially dangerous situations when used on a top bunk.

Especially when looking for bunk beds for kids, the manufacturers will specify how tall of a mattress they can accommodate.

4. Access Method?

There are a number of different ways for children to get into their top bunks and choosing a bed that works with the age range of the children that the bed is being purchased for.

Some of the more expensive beds have an extended set of stairs that are literally stairs. Most of the bunk beds for kids, however, come with some sort of ladder arrangement instead.

For younger children, the ladder could be an issue and could make them not want to sleep in their own big boy or girl bed. Getting one of the beds with the integrated stairs means that younger children can get into and out of the top bunk safely, easily and quickly.

Even the design of the stairs can affect how easy it is to get into and out of bunk beds for kids. From a vertical staircase, which is the most space efficient, to an angled staircase, different manufacturers can make a case for their design but it is up to the purchaser to decide.

The Bunk Bed Twin over Twin Mission Style has nice wide wooden ladder rungs and the ladder is angled out from the bed, making it the easiest to use of the bunk beds for kids that do not have separate stairs.

5. Bonus Features?

While making the big purchase of a bunk bed, many people want to further maximize their space by either getting a trundle or extra storage while they are at it.

The beds with the staircases tend to have quite a bit of storage available in the stairs as they double as deep and tall drawers and some even have a side accessed closet built in as well. For those looking for a more typical style bunk bed, some offer storage options.

Every bed that is off the ground can easily accommodate plastic bins or roll out storage containers but some manufacturers have seen fit to build in storage.

Others have taken lower bunks where the bottom bunk is on the ground and created beds that are not just beds but play areas as well.

The Coaster Kids GI Child Bunk comes with a tent and slide that make bed time less stressful for the grownups. Whether they want to camp out in the bottom bunk or sleep like a big kid in the top, these are a great fun alternative.