Designs of the bunk beds for girls

The children bedroom is a place where your kids will spent lots of time. Therefore it should like a part. The whole design should suit to the child. For boys some car motive might be the good choice, for girls maybe a princess theme. Very important part of the bedroom is the bed. And for the small places or for two kids the bunk bed is the right option. The bunk beds can be with one bed or two. But what is important especially for children bunks is the stability and durability of the bed. Now I would like to present you few girls’ bunk beds designs.

1. Playhouse Bunk Beds by Maxtrix Kids – this loft bunk beds is with one bed. It can come in three colors combined with white wood – the pink, yellow, green. The important part is that the bunk is not only the bed but also the playhouse. The playhouse is in the lower part of the bed and it is perfect for any girl’s game like tea parties, daydreaming or toy games. The bed is placed on the top and has safety railing.

2. Bunk Bed Set for Girls by South Shore Furniture – this bed bunk is for two girls. You can get in the fashionable white color which is very suitable with girly accessories. The bed has lots of space for storing other important things like toys or books. The sides of bed are multifunctional and can serve as the table.

3. Patagonia Girls Full/Full Bunk Bed – this bed is very traditional looking. It is made from wood in the natural colors. It is made primarily for two persons but it is big enough for more girls in case of friendly sleepover. Under the lower bunk is the storage cabinet system on the rails.