How to make a wood twin over full bunk bed

Generally children feel comfortable in sleeping on a bunk bed. They just love to use the bunk beds. The main advantage of using a bunk bed is, it can save a lot of space in your room. Usually people who are having more children are suffocated with their small house. They can have the benefit of bunk bed. There are different types of bunk beds and one of the best bunk beds is the wood bunk bed. These wood bunk beds last for several years. They cannot get rust. You can even make shelves or drawers to the wood bunk beds. They are very comfortable to use. In other words you have a chance to make your bedroom as your wish. You can design your wood bunk bed like you want. Wood is really warmer than other metals. Especially a wood bunk bed keeps your children safe. Because it doesn’t have a hard surface like a metal or any other sharp points, kids cannot have any kind of injuries while playing on a wood bunk bed.

Now let us see how to build a wood bunk bed. This results in making a wood bunk bed for two people. The lower mattress will be probably of 1.5 feet from the floor and the upper mattress will be mostly five feet from the floor. Take your room measurements correctly first and then start making a wood bunk bed. Measure your mattress that needs to be fitted in the bunk bed. Leave half feet on both the outer sides of the frame. Now you need 2*4 pieces of wood pieces for both the sides of bed. You also need plywood as well as planks of thinner size which are helpful to support the mattresses. You need to make a ladder also. For this you need 2*4s and also the wood planks.

You need to follow the instructions while cutting the wood and gluing all the pieces together. Make the sharp edges very smoother so that kids can avoid injuries. Make your wood pieces stained and sanded. Take enough time to stain the pieces of wood. Now go through the assembling process. While assembling, make the bottom bed assembled first and then frame it. Now the top one to be assembled as it will be heavy for lifting on the frame. The last but not least attach your ladder to the bunk bed. This is how a wood bunk bed is made.