Loft Beds with Desk: Maximizing Bedroom Space

Loft Beds with Desk: Maximizing Bedroom Space


If you have small bedrooms, loft beds are the way to go!  It is truly a space saving solution and very ideal for the children’s bedroomloft beds with desk comes to mind. Just imagine, with this concept, you are able to create a multi-function abode which is both a place to sleep in and study.

I have tried to search for ready made loft beds here in the Philippines but most are high end stuff that would surely be an issue of budget.  My suggestion is to hire a good carpenter to do the job for you.

Design should not be an issue.  Remember that high end stuff I was talking about earlier?  Well, pictures are accessible in their sites and you will have plenty of options to choose from.  Furniture magazines are also an option.  If you know how to look you will not have a hard time finding downloadable magazines of your choosing.

Loft beds maybe ideal for children’s room but it can also serve well in your guest room.  Well, it may not be loft beds with desk but a simple bunk bed good for four guests would be more like it..  Why limit your guest room to a dual occupancy bed when you can have it quadruple sharing, right?

If you’re single and living in a studio type quarters, loft beds with desk are the thing for you.  Incorporating your bed and your work station will free up more room for you, meaning, making more room for your dining area, a space for your cabinet, book shelf, and other assorted home appliance.  You need not live in a cramped up space if you live in a studio.

Other than this, it makes your room look more neat and organized.