The Bunk beds for kids – safety first

The Bunk beds for kids – safety first

The bunk beds are popular choice of beds into the children bedroom. People buy them not only when they have more than one child but also when they need to use the bedroom space as best as possible. With children the safety goes always first. So let’s see what should be considered before buying one of these beds.

1. The upper bank should always have the guard rails. They should be on the both sides of the bed even when you place the bed to the wall. The child could get stuck in between the wall and the bed otherwise chandeliers

2. In order for the child not to get stuck in anywhere the bed shouldn’t have any gaps that are less than 6 or 7.5 cm.

3. The bed has to be stable and no to be creaky and move from side to side. That is why the wooden bunk beds are the better option here, they are usually heavier and thanks to that they stand still.

4. The mattress of the comforter cover is also very important for child health. It should fit into the bunk perfectly. If you want to give your child something extra you should pick some of those medical mattresses that will help them sleep better.

5. The bed shouldn’t have the sharp edges. The ladder has to be solid and fix placed on the bed so it won’t fall down. The stairs could be better solution for the kids’ bunk beds.

One of the rules for children is that for the upper bunk the child should be at least six years old. The children should be warned about the danger of jumping off the upper bed. Make always sure that you are buying quality product. The children are the future after all.