The Twin over full bunk bed with trundle – the ultimate space savior

The Twin over full bunk bed with trundle – the ultimate space savior

Do you have a small apartment? Do you have three and more kids but not enough big bedrooms for them? If yes, then you have to face the problem with bed placing. The answer to your problem is clear. The duvet cover sets, or better the trundle bunk bed that will not only help you to give them the space to sleep but also to store othe Twin over full bunk bed with trundler things.

What is the trundle bunk bed?

The trundle bunk bed is the normal bunk bed with two beds that hides the third bed under the lower bed. The third bed can be easily pulled out thanks to wheels and rails. That means that during the day on the place of one bed you have actually three. This type of bed is very easy to assembly for the night sleep that even the children can do it. The next plus of this bed is that the third bed also serves as additional storage room. The top of the bed can be open and you can stuff the place with for example the pillows and blankets so they don’t hinder during the day.

Examples of designs

1. Staircase Bunk Bed Ranch Twin – this bad bunk is made from wood – solid pine. The size of the beds is twin so it save you space even more. Unlike usual bunk beds this has access to the top by stairs which is safer. The stairs are also additional storage space.

2. Pine Crafter Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle Unit – also made from solid pine. This bed can come in the twin or full size. The ladder to the upper bed is place on the side so it doesn’t hinder to the person sleeping on the lower bed. Also the trundle has additional cabinet storage for clothes.