The Types of the Twin over full wood bunk beds

The Types of the Twin over full wood bunk beds

The bunk bed is the type of bed where usually one bed is on the top of the other bed. That is the basic type. But you can also find the bunk bed with three beds or just with one. The ultimate purpose of the bed bunk is to save the space of the bedroom.

The wooden queen comforter set might be slightly more expansive than the metal one, but on the other hand they have some advantages over them as well. The wooden beds are heavier and therefore they are more stable. That makes them perfect for children. With the wooden bed you will feel that you children are safer. Also the wood is very durable and last for longer period of time.

What kinds of bunk bed you can find?

• The standard bunk bed – this bunk has two same size beds. It can be either the twin bed or the full size bed. The standard bed can also have variations like the twin over full bed (this bed has the twin size as the upper bed and the full size as the lower).

• The futon bunk – the lower bed is styled as the couch that can be transformed into the bed. It can be used during the day and night.

• The L-shape bunk – this bunk has the lower bed oriented at the right angle to the upper bed. Like that it can be easily placed in the corner of the room. The upper bed then also makes a space for more storage or for the desk.

• The loft bed – this bed has only the upper bed. The space below is saved and it can be used for example as a working space with the desk or as a playground for children. The cabinet can be built in