Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Desk

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Desk

On hearing the word Bunk Bed a picture of two beds stacked one over the other come in front of the eyes. Bunk bed is very commonly used in places where there is scarcity of space. Due to space saving feature of Bunk Beds we can find a Bunk bed in places like dormitory rooms, army camps, School hostels, working hostels, prisons and the most common children’s room. In all the places the users of Bunk Bed are people who also use desks. So there are bunk beds designed with desks also included in them. The bunk beds with desks are most commonly used in hostels and children’s rooms. Both the places the users of bunk beds need a desk also and a separate desk will take comparatively more space than the one which is built with the bunk beds.

Bunk Bed with Desk can be designed in many ways. Some common ones are

  • Bunk bed with desk for one person: In this type of bunk bed the desk is built on the ground floor and the bed is on the top of it.
  • Bunk Bed with Desk for two persons: in this type of bunk bed the desk is normally built on either side of the lower bed. In some designs there are two desks, one on either side of the lower bed.
  • Bunk Bed with computer Desk: in this type of bunk beds there is provision for a computer on the desk. It can be with one bed or two beds. It takes more space for a computer desk than for a simple study desk. So this computer desk can be made in the same place in the case of one bunk bed. But with the bunk bed for two persons it gets less space, so some times the second bed is made as a pullout below the desk.
  • Twin over full bunk bed with desk: in this type of bunk bed there is a full bed in the lower section with a desk on one side. And the third bed on the top.
  • Bunk Bed with Desk and wardrobe: These bunk beds have wardrobe on one side of the lower bed and desk on the other and on one side of the desk in case of single bed on the top.
  • Bunk Bed with desk and dresser: These bunk beds have dresser on one side of the lower bed and desk on the other and on one side of the desk in case of single bed on the top.

There are many more styles of bunk beds with desk available in the market. It depends on the need of the user in order to decide which design suits him the best. But design is not only the criteria to decide which bunk bed is to be bought. While deciding we also need to take care of the material which is used to make it. There are many types of bunk beds based on the material. Some of these are:

  • Wooden Bunk beds with desk: Wooden bunk beds with desk are the best in terms of durability but are very heavy in weight and bulky and hence are difficult to move and take a lot of space. The wooden beds can be found in various different natural wood colours as well as different bright colours. These are best to give it a royal look for years. These days moulded wood is also used to make beautiful bunk beds with desk.
  • Metallic Bunk Beds with Desk: Bunk beds made up of metal are the latest trend. We can choose between rot iron, steel, aluminium etc. depending on the way of usage. These are comparatively less heavy. In terms of durability these are comparable to the wooden ones. The use of metal gives a large scope for designing and use of colours. Metallic beds create an illusion of more space in less. These are comparatively less heavy than wooden ones but still heavy and not movable very easily
  • Plastic/Fibre Bunk Beds with desk:  This is the latest material used for bunk beds with desk found in the market these days. These are made with strong plastic fibre. These are strong as well as easy to move as they are light weight. These are most preferred ones as they are foldable and durable. Even rough handling by kids can be handled by this material. All colourful designs made for children’s room are made up of this type. It is capable of taking all different shapes of moulds which are children safe.

There are bunk beds with desk also available in market which is a combination of some of these.

There are many more things which should be kept in mind while deciding which bunk bed should be taken. Some of these are:

  • Purpose: Weather the Bunk Bed with Desk is for kids or adults. This will decide its material and design.
  • Needs: Whether the user needs space for computer or laptop or books or any other such materials. This will decide the kind and space for desk in the bunk bed.
  • Number: How many people will be using the bunk bed with desk. One, two or three. All the users may have different needs. Accordingly the design should be decided.
  • Size: The Bunk bed with desk for kids will be as per the size and height of child. For grownups the size has to be big.
  • Durability requirement: If the bunk bed with desk is for a hostel etc it has to be more durable and strong as compared to the bed for kids which are to be used only for a few years.
  • Adjustable:  Some Bunk beds have feature of adjustability. The size is adjustable. This must be kept in mind while buying a bunk bed with desk for a child.
  • Portability: If the bed is to be kept in one place for ever then wooden and heavy materials should be used otherwise one should opt for light material.

Keeping all this in view one can easily look forward to exactly what kind of bunk bed with desk is to be bought.